Transcendence moves beyond the physical world to nurture and heal the very essence of our being. Our mission is to help people reconnect to the place of greatest harmony and flow by inducing a direct experience of this state.

We have created a warm and inviting space to provide the safe environment that each person needs in order to explore and incorporate a healthy, spiritual approach to living. We seek to empower people to connect mind, body, and spirit through wisdom, community and the development of ongoing support systems.

We are open-minded and promote integrative approaches (pulling from the best of Eastern and Western spiritual and physical practices) to all aspects of healthy living. Our goal is to return people to a better state of balance, finding their true essence through a variety of nurturing and supportive programs as well as individual counseling.

Robin and her partner, holistic physician, Dr. Michael Finkelstein (founder of SunRaven, the Center for Holistic and Skillful Living), have joined their practices to bring their strengths and skills together for the benefit of their clients and community.